Luoware Smart Toilet with Bidet Built in, Luxury One Piece Elongated Bidet Toilet with Auto Close & Flush, Foot Sensor to Open/Close/Flush, Heated Seat, Massage Wash, Night Light, Remote Control

$1,108.00 $1,521.00

Brand: Luoware

Color: White


  • [HANDS-FREE OPERATION]: Luoware S02 Smart Toilet offers a completely hands-free experience with auto close lid/seat, automatic flushing when you stand up from the bidet toilet seat, a foot sensor for opening, closing, and flushing the toilet, and flush controls/multi functions accessible by remote or knob.
  • [INSTANT WARMING COMFORT]: Our bidet toilet provides maximum comfort with a heated seat, a built-in bidet that delivers instant warm water with adjustable temperature & pressure, and a warm air dryer with temp control. It’s perfect for early mornings or cold winter seasons, making every bathroom visit a comfortable experience.
  • [PERSONAL HYGIENE]: Our advanced cleansing system features Rear Wash, Feminine Wash, Massage Wash and Aperient Wash modes, with adjustable nozzle positions and various spraying settings to provide a thorough cleaning experience. The self-cleaning nozzle ensures that it is always clean and ready to use without any manual maintenance required.
  • [BUILT-IN TANK & BOOSTER PUMP]: Our smart toilet features an invisible built-in tank and booster pump that deliver peak flush performance with just 1.03 GPF. This makes it an ideal choice for those living in areas with low water pressure. The siphon jet tech ensures a powerful flush every time while still maintaining a quiet operation.
  • [LED NIGHT LIGHT]: The night light is designed to be gentle on the eyes and provide enough illumination to navigate the bathroom without needing to turn on any harsh overhead lights.
  • [CERTIFICATIONS & WARRANTY]: Compliance with CSA B45.16:21 Personal Hygiene Devices for Water Closets & CSA B45.1-18 Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures standard. 2 Year limited warranty to be free of defects from material and workmanship. If you encounter any problems, please contact our team timely and we will make it right.

Binding: Tools & Home Improvement

model number: LW-S02

Part Number: ‎LW-S02

Package Dimensions: 33.5 x 25.5 x 22.0 inches

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