Brand: Heartmath Llc

Cut-Thru: Achieve Total Security and Maximum Energy


Author: Childre, Doc Lew

Brand: Brand: Heartmath Llc

Edition: 2nd Revised edition


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 160

Release Date: 01-10-1995

Details: Product description Cut-Thru explains in a very clear and scientific way the crucial link between heart-felt emotions and our physical health and then explains precisely how to apply this information in our own lives. 2 cassettes. Review Cut-Thru will help the reader prevent burnout, dissolve ingrained dysfunctional emotional patterns, reduce depression, dissolve anger, alleviate worry and anxiety, help balance hormones and reduce PMS, and even slow the aging process. Cut-Thru is a simple technique that shows how to turn negative emotions into peace and clarity. In laboratory studies measuring Cut-Thru's effectiveness, people achieved an average of a 100% increase in DHEA (the anti-aging hormone) in just 30 days. Prior to the publication of this book, the "Cut-Thru Technique" was only available to those individuals who participated in the research studies or attended seminars at the Institute of HeartMath. It is only now, after many years of experience, testing and refinement, that this powerful approach is offered to the general reading public. Cut-Thru is also available as a two-cassette audio book (1-879052-37-7 $16. 95). Cut-Thru is a break-through for self-help, self-improvement techniques and highly recommended reading for anyone seeking to achieve and master the ability of being able to care effectively, successfully, and rewardingly about themselves and others. -- Midwest Book Review

EAN: 9781879052338

Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English

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