Disguised in Deception (Hidden Deception Book 1)


Author: Hargrave, E.

Edition: 2

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Release Date: 08-06-2016

Details: Find out what is making you sick!
Without knowing it, everyone is bombarded with harmful chemicals every single day. The food and vaccine industries make claims about their safety yet considerable evidence shows otherwise. Take back your health today and learn the truth that others are seeking. Disguised in Deception by E. A. Hargrave provides compelling evidence that they don't want the public to know while leaving the reader to make their own decision and make it easy-to-understand. This skillfully researched book focuses on the threats of GMO’s, vaccines, and infertility. If you are like thousands of health-conscious consumers, getting the right information is a must-start today click on the buy button and uncover a healthier you.

Disguised in Deception will expose:
The difference between GMO's and conventional food
How GMO foods affect the environment and your health
How the food and chemicals are causing infertility
And can autism be explained?

Languages: English

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