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Abolish Anxiety

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Abolish Anxiety

Understand and treat all forms of anxiety, worry and panic. Abolish Anxiety is compatible with all medical, herbal and spiritual therapies.

Abolish Anxiety is another complete self-healing program from Dr. Miller. It brings an effective new way to understand and deal with the symptoms and the causes of Anxiety and Panic. It is designed to be used as a guide to harnessing the healing power of your mind to help you in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, as well as to provide ongoing anxiety relief if you have chronic anxiety. 

The first of the two MP3s in this program is a Heart-to-Heart talk by Dr. Miller. As you listen to this program, you will begin to understand the true cause of your anxiety and how to bring about calm, and an inner balance to your mind, body, and emotions. Learn how Deep Relaxation and Guided Imagery can give you control over the symptoms of anxiety and panic by replacing them with peace, relaxation, and confidence. This MP3 is what Dr. Miller calls a Drivetime Program, so you can listen to it over and over while you drive or engage in other activities (provided it does not make you tired or sleepy).

The second MP3 in this set presents a graduated series of 5 deep relaxation and guided imagery experiences. As you listen, you will be guided into a soothing, peaceful meditative state. Then, a series of 6 different exercises shows you how to use the tools of autosuggestion and self-hypnosis to abolish anxiety. You will learn a simple 6 step technique to release yourself from the bonds of tension, anxiety, worry, and panic. You will also discover how to use visualization to reach an inner “special place” of safety, develop a new attitude and self-image, and actually inoculate yourself against fear. Dr. Miller's reassuring voice and the lovely musical accompaniment insure that the whole experience is truly enjoyable.


**Dr. Miller suggests that you listen whenever you are feeling an increase in your anxiety level, such as when you have to make an important decision or deal with a significant challenge in your life, or if you begin to have feelings of panic. You can also listen on a regular basis to keep “resetting your mind” to a baseline of relaxation, and thus avoid future attacks. This particular Software for the Mind" shows how to rewire your brain – by re-scripting (reprogramming) your deeper mind and nervous system


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