Essential Alan Watts (3-pack)



Binding: VHS Tape

Details: 3 TAPE COLLECTORS PACK Man in Nature Work As Play WATTS SPEAKS OF OUR FAILURE TO FEEL AT HOME IN THE INHERENT WIGGLINESS OF NATURE AND OF THE OVERSIMPLIFICATION OF LANGUAGE IN AN INFINITELY COMPLEX WORLD On Meditation & Nothingness He talks on meditation and nothingness. His talk on meditation he goes in to detail as to the reason for meditation. His talk on nothingness he goes in to detail about form and emptiness. An overall great edition for any zen practitioner, or alan watts fan! Time & The More It Changes In this video Alan Watts talks about time, and how we in general tend to see time as going from past to present to future. Alan Watts explains that in reality time goes from present to past, and that the future dosen't exist. The second part of the video he talks about the more it changes another great speech!

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