Existence & Consciousness: A Theory of Naturalistic Idealism


Author: Lucido, Richard

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 173

Release Date: 16-01-2017

Details: Existence and Consciousness presents us with a world without space, a world that consists only of information, consciousness, and time. It offers a theory of idealism from an existentialist perspective. Matter, energy, and space are viewed as holding on to no existence outside of their essence (i.e., their defining properties). This is what precludes them from objectively persisting in time. Only consciousness, broken down into its smallest units, is capable of existing beyond its essence. This is what makes it a necessary constituent of reality, for without it the world would be merely an abstraction.

Free of new age spiritualism, Existence and Consciousness is a sober and naturalistic attempt at conceptualizing a reality whose primary constituent is consciousness. The book presents its original insights within a broad multidisciplinary backdrop where ideas from contemporary analytical philosophy, existential philosophy, and ancient philosophy are related to empirical findings from psychology, physics, and neuroscience. Its ideas are presented plainly and are intended for a broad educated audience. No prior experience is necessary to engage with this most perplexing and fundamental question: what is the nature of reality?

Languages: English

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