Global Warming: Engineering Solutions (Green Energy and Technology)

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Author: Dincer, Ibrahim

Brand: Springer

Edition: 2010


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Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 698

Release Date: 07-12-2009

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Details: Product Description Global Warming: Engineering Solutions goes beyond the discussion of what global warming is, and offers complete concrete solutions that can be used to help prevent global warming. Innovative engineering solutions are needed to reduce the effects of global warming. Discussed here are proposed engineering solutions for reducing global warming resulting from carbon dioxide pollution, poor energy and environment policies and emission pollution. Solutions discussed include but are not limited to: energy conversion technologies and their advantages, energy management and conservation, energy saving and energy security, renewable and sustainable energy technologies, emission reduction, sustainable development; pollution control and measures, policy development, global energy stability and sustainability. Review From the reviews:“The book under review in its introductory chapter … describe the global warming problem and its impact on our planet’s health and guides us towards the cures based on engineering solutions provided in the rest of the volume. … The engineering solutions provided in the book are mainly based on lab scale demonstrations with the potential for reducing GHG emissions when implemented on a full scale basis. … this book is a good read for all those interested in the subject.” (Vishal Toro, Green Energy, Vol. 6 (6), November-December, 2010) From the Back Cover Global Warming: Engineering Solutions goes beyond discussing the definition and causes of climate change, and offers concrete solutions for solving global warming. Innovative and forward-thinking engineering solutions are needed to tackle global warming’s threat to the planet, and this book offers  numerous methods to address global warming’s identified causes. Drawing upon the collective knowledge of renowned experts, Ibrahim Dincer, Arif Hepbasil, Adnan Midilli and T. Hikmet Karakoc have assembled a wide ranging treatise on engineering solutions to global warming that includes: Ideas for correcting carbon dioxide and other emission pollution Exploring the relationship between global warming and thermodynamics Examining the sustainability and practicality of the most prevalent forms of clean energy. Global Warming: Engineering Solutions explores the major threats of global warming from an engineering perspective, explicating practical deployments of systems that could be implemented and work towards staving off global climate change. This book is a must-read for any researchers and engineers interested in gaining an applicable knowledge of how to prevent and control global warming through engineering.

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