HeartMath Method: Five Steps to Total Calm, Confidence and Creativity

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Author: Howard Martin

Binding: Audible Audiobook

Format: Original recording

Release Date: 14-10-2014


The HeartMath Method helps people focus the power of their heart at home and in the workplace, and its simple, easy to learn, effective methods have brought energy and joy to young and old alike. The term HeartMath may sound like an oxymoron - who would ever put the words heart and math together? But herein lies the secret. Most people have an understanding of the qualities that have long been associated with the "heart", like intuition, wisdom, love, and compassion. The word "math", in this case, refers to the psychological equations, the nuts and bolts or stepping stones, if you will, that allow us to unfold these qualities with consistency in our daily lives - hence, HeartMath. By using HeartMath's powerful tools such as Freeze-Frame and Heart Lock-In, you will discover how to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress, increase feelings of love, improve communication, and enhance creativity and productivity. Used by Fortune 500 Companies worldwide, The HeartMath Method will also help you to increase your business sense as you learn to trust the guiding powers that lie in your heart. Unlock intuition and more intelligent understanding in your life.

As we explore these feelings associated with heart, we understand why all the great teachers asked people to develop their heart's wisdom. Heart understanding is a major shift past ordinary thinking. It gives a wider understanding than is possible with just the deductive process of linear thinking. You draw more heart intelligence into your awareness as you relax the mind and listen to your inner heart. This process can give you high-speed answers for your big and small choices of life.

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