The Book of the It (KIndle)


Author: Groddeck, Georg

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 265

Release Date: 05-10-2015

Details: Georg Walther Groddeck was born in Germany in 1866. Although he spent his early years as a writer—he produced a novel, poetry, and a volume of art criticism—he became a doctor in middle life and, from that point on, thought of himself as healer rather than artist. He spent the remainder of his life as director of a clinic at Baden-Baden, and continued to write, but his plan for reviewing every aspect of knowledge in terms of the hypothesis presented in The Book of the It was cut short by his death in 1934. His other books, The World of Man, The Unknown Self, and Exploring the Unconscious, are collections of Groddeck’s writings on science, cosmology, and art.

Georg Groddeck was a physician and writer regarded as a pioneer of psychosomatic medicine. Groddeck is often mistaken for an orthodox disciple of Sigmund Freud; indeed, he was perhaps the only analyst whose views had some effect on Freud.

Freud mentions Groddeck in "The Ego and the Id," crediting him with giving a name to what Freud had already given a local habitation, to wit, the Id.

"Groddeck regarded the ego as an extension or a mask for the id, whereas Freud regarded them as separate constructs." [1]

The "Book of the It" is an unusual work in which each chapter is in the form of a letter to a girlfriend addressed as "my dear". Groddeck attempts to unlock Eros, the instinctual drive chained by conventions of society, and to show it to be the unknown life-force that animates man from womb to grave. It is, according to Groddeck, the basic sexual motivation that influences every aspect of individual personality.

In understanding the "It", man frees himself to understand the inexplicable desires and the hidden impulses that guide his life. Contains a new introduction by Ashley Montagu.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg_Groddeck .

Languages: English

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