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This Timeless Moment: A Personal View of Aldous Huxley

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Author: Huxley, Laura

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Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 352

Release Date: 25-10-2000

Details: Product Description Long before "turn on, tune in, drop out" became the credo of the American counterculture, Aldous Huxley was using mescaline and LSD in controlled, carefully documented experiments. Accounts of those psychedelic experiences, along with his interest in Eastern mystical religions, accompany the moving story of Aldous Huxley's later years with his wife, Laura. Huxley's fascination with the spiritual world remained with him throughout his life and never wavered through his final illness in 1963. THIS TIMELESS MOMENT takes the reader into the lively mind of one of the most profound thinkers of any generation. Review Our business is to wake up. We have to find ways in which to detect the whole of reality in the one illusory part which our self-centered consciousness permits us to see. - Aldous Huxley About the Author LAURA HUXLEY is a psychotherapist and the author of several books, including You Are Not the Target, Between Heaven and Earth, and The Child of Your Dreams. She lives in Los Angeles.

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