When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People: How Philosophy Can Save Us from Ourselves

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Author: Nadler, Steven

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 240

Release Date: 31-08-2021

Details: Product Description Why the tools of philosophy offer a powerful antidote to today’s epidemic of irrationalityThere is an epidemic of bad thinking in the world today. An alarming number of people are embracing crazy, even dangerous ideas. They believe that vaccinations cause autism. They reject the scientific consensus on climate change as a “hoax.” And they blame the spread of COVID-19 on the 5G network or a Chinese cabal. Worse, bad thinking drives bad acting―it even inspired a mob to storm the U.S. Capitol. In this book, Steven Nadler and Lawrence Shapiro argue that the best antidote for bad thinking is the wisdom, insights, and practical skills of philosophy. When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People provides an engaging tour through the basic principles of logic, argument, evidence, and probability that can make all of us more reasonable and responsible citizens.When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People shows how we can more readily spot and avoid flawed arguments and unreliable information; determine whether evidence supports or contradicts an idea; distinguish between merely believing something and knowing it; and much more. In doing so, the book reveals how epistemology, which addresses the nature of belief and knowledge, and ethics, the study of moral principles that should govern our behavior, can reduce bad thinking. Moreover, the book shows why philosophy’s millennia-old advice about how to lead a good, rational, and examined life is essential for escaping our current predicament.In a world in which irrationality has exploded to deadly effect, When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People is a timely and essential guide for a return to reason. Review "Nadler and Shapiro do an excellent job of showing off philosophy's tools for better reasoning. For anyone not already skilled in using those tools, their book is a clear and readable primer. . . . [a] heartfelt and lucid advocacy of a more reasoned approach to life." ---Julian Baggini, Wall Street Journal Review “People believe all sorts of weird and harmful things. Stop thinking of them as stupid or evil. Instead, follow Nadler and Shapiro in looking at the problem as a matter of responsible thinking and ethical duty. Not just on the part of others, but on yours as well.” ―Massimo Pigliucci, author of How to Be a Stoic: Using Ancient Philosophy to Live a Modern Life “An effective antidote to bad thinking, When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People is a compelling argument for why the philosopher’s tools are so critical to combating disinformation, epistemic stubbornness, and other ills. Rather than demonize bad thinking, the book explains why it happens and how we can become better thinkers ourselves.” ―Jennifer M. Morton, author of Moving Up without Losing Your Way: The Ethical Costs of Upward Mobility “Conspiracies and misinformation are not new, and in this highly readable and lively book, Nadler and Shapiro remind us that some of our best strategies for dealing with them aren't either. Drawing on philosophy and its history, they give us some much-needed practical lessons for wise thinking.” ―Michael Patrick Lynch, author of Know-It-All Society: Truth and Arrogance in Political Culture About the Author Steven Nadler is the William H. Hay II Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he is the director of the Institute for Research in the Humanities. His books include Think Least of Death: Spinoza on How to Live and How to Die and (with Ben Nadler) Heretics!: The Wondrous and Dangerous Beginnings of Modern Philosophy (both Princeton). Lawrence Shapiro is the Berent Enç Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His books include The Miracle Myth and Embodied Cognition .

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